Review for Clara blanca Palomino Aged Dry - Amontillado DP116

    ryanopaz Wine Blogger July 14, 2010
    Honeyed toffee nose with freshly stained wood and an amazing roundness. Wow, hard to pull the glass away from the nose! In the mouth this is a full wine with some light residual sweetness that is haunting as it seems to fade away on the finish to a dry breath of madeira laced air. Wow, this is something. Unctous and a refreshing with a headiness of flavors I think might take days to grasp. Carmelly with a woodiness and lovely baked sugar, and salty taffy quality that is seriously making my mind bend. This is a wine that is fun to drink, and sip, and drink...and linger over...all night long.  
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    4.5 /5

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