Review for Rothbury Black Label Brokenback Semillon, Hunter Valley 1977

    edwardragg Wine Blogger September 22, 2010
    From the Landmark Tutorial Day 3 (22nd Sept 2010), ‘Semillon’ presented by Andrew Thomas. Appearance: very deep gold, almost slightly brown. Nose: very oxidized but still with a core of lingering citrus fruit. Predictably toasted and developed – though, of course, with no oak influence. The 1978 Rothbury Brokenback Semillon seemed in slightly better shape (although the vagaries of older bottles under cork would have to be taken into account). Palate: still lively acidity on the palate with mellowed but noticeable higher acidity, oxidized flavours (both toasty and nutty), moderate alcohol and pretty good length. Conclusion: a bit old perhaps, but this really demonstrated the longevity of Hunter Semillon; and both winemaking and understanding of the varietal has improved hugely since the 1970s. This was a privilege to taste, however. more  
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