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Vera Viola Rare Rich - Oloroso DP38

    ryanopaz July 14, 2010
    Very interesting nose on this wine, while the name says "viola" and I feel that it might be influencing my perception I distinctly detect a fresh, delicate violet note somewhere in there. Definitely wood varnish and carmely dark flavors mingling in the background, conspiring to flavor. In the mouth WOW, not what I expected with berry notes that seem framed by dark wood and maple touches. The berries dance in and out of a lush acidity that is at one point slightly sweet and the next bone dry. Nutty richness sits on the palate at the finish where I debate how quickly politeness is thrown to the wayside as I quickly take another sip. Do you like Port? Do you like Sherry? Do you like Maderia? Who cares, really, this is just darn yummy.  
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    Grapefan says 1563 days ago
    I love a rich oloroso and would never have thought of looking to Australia for one. Their web site is quite an eye opener with the range of fortifieds they have.

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