Review for Tyrrell’s Winemaker’s Selection Vat 1 Semillon, Hunter Valley (CORK) 2003

    edwardragg Wine Blogger September 22, 2010
    From the Landmark Tutorial Day 3 (22nd Sept 2010), ‘Semillon’ presented by Andrew Thomas. Appearance: medium gold. Nose: when compared with precisely the same wine sealed under screw-cap, this is more savoury with less vibrancy of fruit (but still with some lime citrus there for sure). Less ‘fresh’ smelling all round. Palate: very good acidity, good structure, but more savoury and with less of a core of fruit than the 2003 Vat 1 under screw-cap. Good length. Conclusion: it could be argued that as we did not taste the examples under cork and screw-cap blind that we might be predisposed to favour – especially in an Australian context – the wine under screw-cap. For my part – as with the 1980 Pewsey Vale Riesling that was under screw-cap tasted later in the Tutorial week (yes, it was from 1980 under that seal) – I am happier to taste wines destined for long-term ageing under screw-cap, if possible. If, however, you can tolerate the risks of variable oxidation and TCA taint and prefer wines that age in an ultimately more savoury expression, then go for natural cork (I’m aware TCA taint can arise from other sources). Personally, I think it’s great Tyrrell’s has gone for screw-cap on so many of its wines. more  
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