Review for Rothbury Brokenback Semillon, Hunter Valley 1978

    edwardragg Wine Blogger September 22, 2010
    From the Landmark Tutorial Day 3 (22nd Sept 2010), ‘Semillon’ presented by Andrew Thomas. Appearance: deep gold. Nose: very developed. A pronounced washed-rind cheese element on the first nose (though not in the ammonia-pongy sense!). Very waxy, toasted and wet-wool like aromas with a suggestion of citrus fruit. Fully mature. Palate: very savoury, still with an impressive line of acidity holding up the whole. Seems balanced, almost entirely ‘tertiary’ in expression. Good length. Conclusion: this has survived pretty well. Absolutely fascinating to taste. I wonder how this would have fared under screw-cap, assuming the seal or bottle was not damaged or exposed to extremes of temperature.  
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    17.5 /20

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