Review for Quinta da Fata Reserva 2004

    ryanopaz Wine Blogger November 2, 2007
    Very intense red color with a solid core that barely sees light. Raspberry nose but with a bit of the brambly vine throw in, light stepping into the plant and inhaling the resulting smell. Under this I get a sweet cherry liqueur or kirsch note, candy like with a wood roof over it and anise breeze. Medium acidity to this wine with a fine but very firm tannin. Here is a food wine! I have to say this wine is very thin in appearance, mainly due to a lack of up front fruit, but this restrained nature is nice as the wine leaves and a wafting of delicate fruits and rhubarb creep onto my tongue, like the last of the wave slowly creeping from the shore. Soft spoken in it's wisdom, this wine need a slice of pork roast whose richness would be balanced so well, while taking on a glaze of red fruit and light spice. Not an obivous wine, but obviously not a wine to miss. more  
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