Adegga Wine Market 2014 | Lisboa | 6 de Dezembro
Prove os melhores vinhos de 40 produtores seleccionados.

Berço do Infante Reserva 2005

    gabriellaopaz August 17, 2007
    Of the three bottles we opened from the same producer last night, I had thought that this would have been a jewel. Dark maroonish color that showed a slightly reserved nose of chocolate, black current, cinnamon and eucalyptus. That is what got me, the "reserved" part. Although I enjoyed the wine, and thought that it had both solid acidity and good structure, representing the region well, it didn't wow me. Although given a bit of time to open, the fruit did show a bit more on the palate, yet I still felt it lacked a bit of personality. 3/5  
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    3 /5


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