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Bio: Director of MSc in Wine Business at Burgundy School of Business, Dijon, France.

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rckr1951 I know it'a been awhile, but do you have any other engaging topics for the adegga.com community to delve into? I miss the discourse and your input.
336 days ago

WineBusProf is attending EWBC 2011 - BYOB Dinner
WineBusProf has reviewed the Clarendon Hills Old Vines Romas 2006
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The Clarendon Hills Wines are simply stunning. They're an eclectic mix of fruit purity and winemaking funk. Not everyone loves Roman Bratasiuk's wine-making, but there's no doubt that they can be breathtaking. His 1994s broke the mold of Australian industrialism with their old world charm and new world power. I've got some 93 Merlot and Cabernet tucked away, and a couple of bottles of 94 Shiraz (which was awarded 96 or 98 out of 100 by Wine Spectator all those years ago). You've reminded me that it might be time to pull these out of storage...
2689 days ago  ·  Comment  ·  Show translations
rckr1951 What? That's it...so come on already...are you teasing us? Give it up dude!!! Enquiring minds want to know.
2688 days ago

Berenice I'd be happy to help you out with those Damien! :)
2688 days ago

WineBusProf Wow- 294 days since I was last here. I'd better pick up my act.

Rckr1951- so sorry that I teased you on this one. In fact, I found out in the meantime that to have my wines in Aus shipped to France would cost about Au$20- per bottle. Now, if I had Screaming Eagles, Chris Ringlands, Felton Roads and a series of first growths and Grands Crus, I'd be tempted to get my collection moved to France. However, I don't. So, they'll be staying put for another couple of years in premium storage back in Aus.

When I get back there, I'll pull these out and bring them to the EWBC... I'd be very happy to share withanyone who's there. You'll just have to go that year!
2394 days ago

WineBusProf posted During a webconference today, the topic of focus groups was raised, and a comment got me thinking...
rckr1951 In the Nov 15th, 2009 Wine Spectator there was an article titled "High Steaks Eating". Typically they chose high mono-chrome wines that the general bying public can't afford as a rule. What I found was that it was boring. I find wine and food pairings that are exciting all the time with lessor wines and innovative thinking.

I didn't get that with this article. I want people to leave my home with the feeling that they've had a wonderful time and a great meal. Happens all the time. Paul
2692 days ago

Berenice Well I feel that food and wine parings are personal.. what i generally try to follow is balance in both wine, food taste.. and of course between the two.. last Thursday Robert Parker during the tasting at Wine Future said that he would drink a Bordeaux wine with his sushi and soy sauce.. I totally don't agree.. I think I would need to drench my sushi in soy sauce for some of its taste to survive the Bordeaux wine.. Personally I would choose a nice racy white wine.. like Albarino.. but yet again..its all a matter of personal taste in the end... So, I would praise myself not a wine writer if i get a food and paring right.. :)
2690 days ago

Mesquita Sure, it is personal choice, though I admit that the dinners cut out for certain wines or vice versa are very good experiences to tech and upgrade your palate. If I may ad, some wines do not even need any pairing at all, just a good friend to talk over with!
2689 days ago


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