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About Quevedo

In 1991 Quevedo was created as a brand of Port, following the passionate dedication of the previous generations. The grand parents of our parents had already been dedicated to the production of wine. In order to assure the best grapes year after year, we started to extend our vineyards up to the 100 ha, as we currently cultivate in the fertile sub-regions of Cima-Corgo and Douro-Superior, where the Douro traditional varieties prevail; and to honour its incomparable taste, we enlarged our winery and wine cellar, under the control of the winemaker of the family, Cláudia. The results are wines with the flavour of the schist where they were born, with the sun that matured them and with the love with which they were cared. With over a century of a dedicated life to the wine, Quevedo is much more than a brand, is a family who lives for the wine and is proud to offer to the world the best that Douro has. read more

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Quinta da Sra. do Rosário 5130-326 S. João da Pesqueira Douro, Portugal

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