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Quinta do Mouro

  • Location: Portugal
  • Also know as: Miguel António de Orduña Viegas Louro

About Quinta do Mouro

Miguel Louro, dentist, decided in 1989 to become a wine producer, lauching the Quinta do Mouro project.
Located a kilometer from the city centre of Estremoz, the Estate stands out for its beauty, its history and today for the excellent wines produced.
The wines of Quinta do Mouro – Quinta do Mouro, Casa dos Zagalos and more recently Vinha do Mouro are exquisite wines, unique in Alentejo.
These wines are the proven outcome of day-to-day attention, affection and energy. They are also the result of a life dedicated to vineyards non irrigated and wine, a lot of commitment to innovation and experimentation.
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Quinta do Mouro
7100-056 Estremoz

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