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Casal Branco

  • Location: Portugal
  • Web: www.casalbranco.com
  • Also know as: Casal Branco, Sociedade de Vinhos S.A.

About Casal Branco

Since 1775 Casal Branco, with 600ha and located 60km north from Lisbon, is one of the most important estates in the Ribatejo region. In its activity we stand out agriculture, forest, wine production and Lusitano horses breeding. Regarding the winemaking Casal Branco has always invested in quality. For instance, it is from 1817 our first steam winery, the first as well in the Ribatejo region. The result of this special attention has been the national and international recognition of the wines produced in Casal Branco with prizes obtained in the most prestigious competitions worldwide such as Challenge International du Vin, International Wine Challenge, Vinallies Internationales, among others.


Quinta do Casal Branco
Almeirim 2080-362 Benfica do Ribatejo

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