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Torre do Frade Premium Winery

  • Location: Portugal
  • Web: www.torredofrade.pt
  • Also know as: Sociedade Agrícola de Herdade de Torre de Curvo Lda

About Torre do Frade

Welcome to Torre do Frade!
The Estate Torre do Frade is located in the Center East of Portugal, in the Alto Alentejo region in the County of Monforte. In the family since 1839 has always been an agricultural holding producing cereals and livestock. The Wine project was born in the year 2000 and the first result was born in the 2004 harvest. What drives us is the passion for the land and the illusion of producing goods with the highest quality standards. Our wine is a creation of our love and respect for the land, in this chapter, the story started with just a Top Range red but now the family has grown and there is a white wine and a Mid Range red. We love sharing our work and experience with people and Adegga is the ideal place to share opinions, views and experiences. Feel completely free to write, rate, taste and set questions about our wines. If by chance you are planning on visiting Portugal contact us to set up a visit to our house.
Have fun and try as many good wines as you can get because life is two short to drink bad wine!


Estrada Nacional N372, km 53

Posição GPS – N 38 55.645, W 7 22.895

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