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How to use the AVIN (and integrate your wine blog)

AVIN stands for Adegga Vin Identification Number and is a unique code for each wine. It works for wine like the ISBN works for books. Every wine has a unique id.

Why use it?
Having a code for each wine makes it much easier to track what is being said about it and to know that everyone is talking about the same wine even though the wine name can be different.

So how do I use the AVIN? (2-step simple version)

  1. Include an AVIN (like this AVIN6452997073019) in the title, body or tags of any blog post. It can also be a link back to the wine page.
  2. That’s it!

How does it work?
We have indexed around 400 blogs that talk about wine. Every time a blog includes an AVIN on a blogs post we automatically add this post to the list of recommended posts for that specific wine.

Then, any registered user can recommend a post to make sure that the best posts for every wine are right at the top. The top post is featured on the overview of the wine.

What is that top bar when I go to a blog post?
We have developed a way for people to recommend blog posts. Because reading an excerpt is not enough to recommend a post we have decided to add an easy way to navigate and vote on blog posts.

Visiting a blog post through this top bar still counts as a visit to the blog and has no effect in the blog itself. You can always remove this bar by clicking on the “Remove frame” link.

How can I get my blog indexed?
We have manually selected all the blogs that we index. If you’re blog does not show up on our search engine please let us know and we will include it immediately!

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