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How to use the AVIN (and integrate your wine blog)

AVIN stands for Adegga Vin Identification Number and is a unique code for each wine. It works for wine like the ISBN works for books. Every wine has a unique id. Why use it? Having a code for each wine … Continue reading

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How to correct or delete wine info?

If you’ve made a mistake and want to correct wine related information, for the moment we only accept it via email. In short it will be pretty close to the Update producer profile info. A wine can’t be deleted, if … Continue reading

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I have more info on a wine, how can I add it to Adegga?

For the moment only labels and grapes can be updated. On the wine page in access “Edit wine information” at the bottom of the right sidebar. If you are the wine producer and you want to add more info to … Continue reading

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How to add a shop?

You can do it here. For the moment you can suggest a shop and we will then endorse it at Adegga.

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How to delete, insert or correct producer information?

If you have info to insert or encountered erroneous info you can access Update producer profile on the right sidebar in the producer page and suggest or choose from current suggestions submitted by other people. A producer can’t be deleted, … Continue reading

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How to add a producer?

To add a new producer not listed on Adegga, you have to do it via the manual insertion of a new wine from that producer. You can do it here.

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How to create, edit and delete tags?

You can manage wine tags on the wine page notes. Create: Go to the wine page. Click “Note, rate and add tags” and under point 4.Tags you will see an empty field. Type the new tags in the field and … Continue reading

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How to add a new wine to Adegga?

A wine can be added in the “add wine manually” page. To be able to add a new wine you must have an Adegga account.

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