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Mobile Codes and Adegga

What is a QR Code?
A QR Code is a two-dimensional bar code also known as Mobile code which is used to connect an object in the real world (like a bottle of wine) with a page of information on the Web.

How can you use the QR Code?
A QR Code can be read by any mobile phone equipped with camera and a special reader software (like this one). To use it scan the code with your mobile and follow the link to the mobile page of the wine directly.

Why is Adegga.com using QR Codes?
We have been working on project to provide each wine with a unique code. It’s called the AVIN. It works for wine like an ISBN works for Books. The idea is to give each wine in the world a unique code so that it becomes easier to track information about each wine online. Putting the QR Code and AVIN together we’re basically creating a dynamic wine label for any wine in the world. This web label can be easily be accessed with a mobile phone and is always being updated.

Available mobile phone applications:
For most mobile phones you can use Kaywa (see here for compatibility list) or the i-nigma (compatibility list). On the iPhone you can use iMatrix.

More information about the the unique code AVIN can be found on the AVIN’s website.
More information about the QR Code can be found on Wikipedia.

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