EWBC 2011 - BYOB Dinner

Date: Oct 13, 2011 to Oct 13, 2011
Location: Brescia (Italy)
Added by andre

Description: BYOB website: http://ewbc.adegga.com/e/168/  (more)


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winedogreview 2005 Loken Pinot Noir reserve pahrump winery Nevada. Willamette Oregon grapes made into wine in Pahrump, NV
1990 days ago

andre Hi winedogreview. Can you add the wine to this list? Use this link to add the wine to Adegga with all the fields: http://www.adegga.com/addwine_manual/ Thanks.
1990 days ago

winedogreview Thanks Andre, did that this morning
1989 days ago

andre Thanks. I've just approved all the wines that were pending.
1989 days ago

Warddem Hi Andre, how do I add a wine that is already in the database?
1988 days ago

Warddem Sorry, found it.
(select a wine --> there is a "add to event link" on the right hand side at the bottem, above the QR code).
1988 days ago

sipswooshspit Would suggest you make the 'add to event' easier to find (wasted a fair bit of time searching for it until I read comments) and curious as to why a wine I uploaded hasn't appeared in my list yet.
1977 days ago

winescribbler Just added my contribution to the list - just hope it turns up in time for me to stash in the suitcase!

Some very interesting wines here... and so many people going...
1969 days ago

ArtisanWines 6 Liter bottle of Aritsan Wines Pure Sauvignon Blanc 2010 to be shown at the dinner !!
1966 days ago

zone41 Franz, great! I will taste Artisan Wines for the first time!
1966 days ago

ArtisanWines Great! Looking forward to reading your comments.
1965 days ago

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